Each package comes with the lighting you need to craft your image. Whether you need powerful Impact strobe lights and diffusers, or are looking for some Arri continuous lighting so you can shape the light in real time, we’ve got you covered.

Terms & Conditions


Package includes three impact strobe lights with stands OR three continuous 650w tungsten lamps with stands. Additional gear available if needed. 


Package includes cyc wall with lights or a four light package to light the seamless backdrop/greenscreen area. Additional gear available if needed. 


Half day rentals for anything up to 5 hours, and Full day rentals up to 10 hours. Additional time and off-hours rentals are available upon request. Please contact us for  details.


Located at the front of our studio, this area can be fully customized with your artwork. Dress the space as if it were your own and have a quiet, private place to meet your clients. Not just for photographers, but for any professional needing a space to conduct business.


What's Included

Our 400+ square foot white cyc wall measures 26′ wide, 16′ deep,  and 9′ tall. Our overhead lighting grid makes it possible to rig your lights from above for great down/spot lighting.

Savage Seamless Paper Backdrops on a chain roller system which allows for quick transitions between three of the seven backgrounds we offer:

  • Pure White
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Ocean Blue
  • Storm Grey
  • Green

Various Wood Wrap Back to Floor Drops to add texture to your backgrounds

  • Dark Antique Wood 4×8 (2)
  • Grey Antique Wood 4×8 (2)
  • Brick Drop 4×8 (2)
Other Features include:
  • Changing area with full length mirror
  • Makeup table with vanity light set and mirror
  • Steamer and hanging rack for all of your clothes
  • Storage space for photographer’s personal items
  • Speakers with plug in aux connection 
  • Kitchenette with Full fridge, microwave, and sink